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In 1971, a few people associated with Newcastle YMCA, had the idea to form a community club for people who enjoyed caravanning. The inaugural meeting was held in June that year with 22 people attending.. Today's club members are proud of that early association with the YMCA and thankful for the efforts of those few people who took the time to establish the Newcastle Caravan Club Inc. as it is known today.

The club was the first to be formed in New South Wales and has set the bench mark in standards and activities over the years. From those early beginnings the club has grown, giving many past and present members some wonderful touring adventures, and lifetime friendships as they share their love of caravanning.

With the core aim to assist, encourage and promote the recreational pastime of caravanning, fostering true friendship and enjoyable company. The club has stood the test of time celebrating its 45th. year in 2016.

Overall, activities, outings and meetings at the club are conducted in a friendly relaxed manner. Rules and guidelines are kept to a minimum to ensure all members enjoy caravanning and friendship first and foremost.


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   45th Club Birthday  June 2016

Mooneee Beach  2019

Casino  2018

              Narooma 2018


   Photographs of members may appear in publications eg: the club newsletter "Capers" or website or other club sponsored publications. If a member does not wish this to occur,the member should inform the Secretary in writing, and the person taking the photograph .Whilst all care will be taken to comply with this request, no guarantee can be given that this will not occur

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