THE CLUB ..... Aims and Mission

To assist, encourage and promote the recreational pastime of caravanning. Foster true friendships and enjoyable company for all caravaners. Joining links you with other like minded friendly people on a regular or casual basis to enjoy caravanning and good friendship

    A BRIEF HISTORY ..... 1971 to 2016

In 1971 a few people associated with the Newcastle YMCA had the thought to form a caravanning club.

In June that year the inaugural meeting was held ,22 people attended and the Newcastle YMCA Caravan Club was formed. Members today are thankful to those few friends who took the time to establish the Newcastle Caravan Club it is known today.
  From those early days the club has grown, moving with the times and changing needs of each decade to celebrate it's 45th year in 2016. It has given many past and present members some wonderful touring adventures and life time friendships as they have shared their love of caravanning.


All you really need is an interest in touring/caravanning our great land and a friendly smile.

Even through the name of the club is Newcastle Caravan Club Inc. membership is open to all persons .couples or families who have an interest in touring, holidaying and camping in the great outdoors.
  Current members have a variety of facilities including motorhomes, camper trailers, camper-vans and of course caravans of all shapes and sizes. If you have not purchased a touring unit yet ,you are still welcome , as talking to experienced members may assist you in your choice and purchase.



That is what the club is all about !!!!For the enjoyment of members the club has a program of short rallies, touring rallies and one day social events throughout the year. These activities are made up from member suggestions and organised into a program by the Rally Master. As members have a wide variety of interests and there are many places to visit .The Rally Master does his/her best to include all requests and keep the program interesting for all.
 As members you select the rally / outing you wish to attend,contact the caravan park under the Newcastle Caravan Club booking and then fill in the rally card on the Rally Masters table. Due to bulk bookings discounts are often obtained from caravan parks. There are no fixed rules about attending rallies / outings what you attend and how long you stay is up to each member. Pets are welcome , subject to caravan park and club rules.


These rallies / outings are held about once a month and are usually 5 / 7 days long. Travelling to and from these rallies is generally within one days travel from Newcastle. Activities on the rally may include ,short drives to local places of interest, a community meal or BBQ in the caravan park kitchen, an eat out meal at the local Pub or Club. And of course many happy hours with good company as the sun sets.


There are one or more touring rallies held each year over a 2 / 4 week period. Again from the members suggestions the Rally Master plans the trip to a region, where many points of interest can be included.
Bookings at the various caravan parks are arranged by the R/Master to give members time to travel at a leisurely pace. This type of touring ensures safety in numbers and sometimes reduces the cost due to bulk bookings. it is a friendly way to see a region that may interest you



At various times throughout the year ,single day outings are arranged just for the fun of it. eg. A bus trip to Aberdeen highland games or a visit to the rescue helicopter base . Again these are members suggestions and always result in an informative and enjoyable day


And of course every year in December the club has a great Christmas party at a local club. Great food and entertainment with a monster raffle

           Evens Head  2018

t.   Horseshoe Championships

           Blackalls Park  2018

.    Norooma     2018

        Christmas in July 2018

.                   Boggabri   2014

 Christmas  Party   2018